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Story of the Ugly Brahmin

The story goes that long ago, in the time of Buddha Dipamkara, there was born, in the town of Drucha, to an ugly man and his beautiful Brahmin wife, a son with red eyes and sharp canine teeth. Even when a baby, he would tear worms and flies apart and gobble them down. When he grew up, he used to kill wild beasts and fish whenever he could and would eat meat and drink wine completely without restraint.

He eventually met his death, stabbed in the heart with a black poisoned dagger. He at once fell into an infernal realm where he was torn apart and eaten alive by wild, carnivorous animals, while his demon tormentors poured molten metal into his mouth. Amid his screams, he shouted, "Because in my past life I ate the flesh of animals, now wild beasts are devouring my flesh. Because I craved meat and blood, now others wish only to devour me. The meat seemed so delicious while I was eating it, but now that the fully ripened effect is upon me, how dreadful it is! Drinking wine has resulted in the guardians of hell pouring molten metal into my mouth. Because I drank without restraint, now others torment me without reprieve. The alcohol seemed so delicious when I drank it then, but now when I feel its fully ripened effects, what horror!"

Afterward, he was reborn as a preta and suffered great torments yet again.

(Source: FB, p. 79)

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