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Embodiment of Awareness | kun 'dus rig pa'i mdo

It is written in the Tantra Embodiment of Awareness, a Nyingma tantra belonging to the root tantras of the Anuyoga cycle:

When beings feed on flesh and gore,
Dreadful and foul-reeking food,
Evil wraiths that live on smells,
Sniffing out the stench of blood,
Will steal away their vital strength
And rob them of their radiance and their health.
Why do these people thus indulge themselves?

Shabkar says: If indeed one craves the five great substances, for example, blood, considering them as truly existent, one will be reborn as a dangerous spirit that lives on the stench of blood and takes the terrifying form of one of the seven mothers. Anyone who drifts into such a dependency will wander in the land of Lanka in the form of a dreadful, flesh-devouring demo ness.

(Source: FB, p. 70)

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