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Rev. Josho Adrian Cirlea (1977-)

Rev. Josho Adrian Cirlea is a priest in Jodo Shinshu Honganji-ha Buddhist tradition (Pure Land) and its representative in Romania.

In many Jodo Shinshu temples arround the world meat is allowed, but Rev. Josho Adrian considers this situation 'not a good one'. The centre he founded - Tariki Dojo Craiova - is vegetarian and also no alcohol is allowed in the area of this dojo. "Any guest, no matter his rank, who visits our centre has to respect our rules, no matter his or her eating habbits at home," he says.

Rev. Josho Adrian promotes abstention from eating meat in the teaching he gives without forcing his students to change their diet if they eat meat outside the dojo. Rather he hopes by teaching to create awareness so the change will come out naturally together with this awareness.

Currently he is building a small temple in the country (Amida-ji) for retreats.

Since December 2006 the Romanian edition of Shabkar's Food of Bodhisattvas is published in hardcopy by Dharma Lions Publications, founded by Josho Adrian. A free online version in PDF is available as well.

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  Josho Adrian Cirlea