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Suma Ching Hai (1950- )

Born as Hue Dang Trinh, Suma Ching Hai has Vietnamese-Taiwanese ancestors. Her parents were Christian, her grandmother was a Buddhist.

Being a self-proclaimed guru Suma Ching Hai is controversial, but she is given the benefit of the doubt by many as a sincere inter-religious teacher who takes the Surangama Sutra as a central base of her teachings. About killing and meat eating Suma Ching Hai says:

"Not killing or otherwise harming other living creatures is of obvious benefit for them. Less obvious is the fact that refraining from harming others is equally advantageous for ourselves. Why? Because of the Law of Karma: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. When you kill, or cause others to kill for you, in order to satisfy your desire for meat, you incur a karmic debt, and this debt must eventually be repaid."

"The spiritual arguments against eating meat are convincing for some people, but there are other compelling reasons for being a vegetarian. All of them are rooted in common sense. They have to do with issues of personal health and nutrition, ecology and the environment, ethics and animal suffering, and world hunger."

• Source: The Key of Immediate Enlightenment [Download in PDF - 334 KB]

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