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Jnanashribhadra - | T. ye shes dpal bzang po |


The commentator on the Lankavatara-sutra, the Acharya Jnanashribhadra from India, has written as follows:

The Omniscient One has declared that to eat meat and to encourage others to eat meat is an evil act because it causes harm to beings. The Buddha forbade the consumption of all meat that is not pure in the three ways, but he did not consider it wrong to partake of meat that is so. Meat that is completely pure in the three ways is the flesh of animals that one has not killed, that one has not ordered to be killed, and that one has not seen to be killed. If without evil intentions and expectancy one donates such meat to someone, just as if one were giving them rice to eat, it is quite pure and as beneficial as medicine.

But even this kind of meat is forbidden to Bodhisattvas, who practice compassion. Most especially it is forbidden to the practitioners of the Mantrayana. For they are bound to respect beings and consider them indeed as yidam deites. Only when one rids oneself of every craving for the taste of sense objects is liberation gained.

(Source: FB. p. 75)

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