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Gotsang Repa Natsog Rangdrol | T. rgod tshang ras pa sna tshogs rang grol & rgod bya-gtang ras-chen| (1452-1507)

In Kongpo, Gotsang Natsog Rangdrol told his monks to abstain from meat and alcohol. Because the Kongpo Tsele Gon monks wouldn't obey his orders, he became angry with them and went to Gotsang Phug in lower Kongpo, and stayed there in isolated retreat for 20-30 years. Abstaining from non-virtuous actions such as eating meat and drinking alcohol, he attained realization and became known as Gotsang Natsog Rangdrol, a highly qualified teacher.

(Source: Powerful Message by a Powerful Yogi | download in PDF - 135 KB)

  Gotsang Repa Natsog Rangdrol