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Lama King Yeshe Ö | T. lha bla ma ye shes 'od | (11th century)


The lama king Yeshe Ö [King Kho-re of the Guge Dynasty who invited Atisha who came in 1042 to Tibet] once addressed a message to the Tibetan people, who, he considered, were practicing wrongly:

Small is your compassion, less than that of cannibals!
Great your love of meat, more keen than hawks and wolves!
Strong your lust, you’re worse than bulls and donkeys!
You swarm around your drink far more than wasps and
Your sense of dirt and cleanliness is less than dogs and pigs!
Before the deities you set your excrement,
Your urine, sperm, and blood?
Alas for you, you're destined for the bogs of rotting flesh!
You flout the teachings of the Tripitaka,
Alas for you, you will be born in hells of Torments
And beasts whom you should liberate you merely slay,
Alas for you, these deeds will ripen in the state of rakshasas!
Your lusting for the bliss of union?
Alas for you will bring you birth as womb-infesting

The Omniscient Changkya once declared:

Before them on a dish to do them proud
Are piled the bones and bleeding meat of slaughtered beasts.
They wave their knives and suck their spit-flecked gleaming
Youd think they’re off to fight a demon horde?
These seeming virtuous monks, oh, pity them!

(Source: FB, p. 82)