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Buddhism, Vegetarianism & Animal Rights

Link to texts of BuddhaNet on (non-)vegetarianism within Buddhism *

Feedback on the above links: "Why does Shabkar.Org publish links to articles which do not reflect the view that vegetarianism is part of the Buddhist ideal? Take the links to BuddhaNet, for instance. The content of some of their articles on vegetarianism is disputed." For the answer click here.

(Lacto-)Vegetarian Buddhist Centers

Vegetarianism & Animal Rights in Other Religious Traditions

Vegetarianism & Vegan Recipes


  • FAOSTAT (United Nations)The world's largest and most comprehensive statistical database on food, agriculture, and hunger is open and free since July 9, 2010.

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Sponsoring Tsethar (the practice of saving lives)


Killing For a Living: Testimonials & Backgrounds from the USA

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